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Canyon Oil is a highly luxurious, lightweight and nutrient rich skin oil for the face and decolletage. It is made with 95% Certified Organic ingredients and contains 16 bioactive botanical oils that help to deeply nourish, feed and illuminate the skin, leaving it looking bright, hydrated and dewy.

Canyon Oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E and also acts as a humectant to draw deep hydration into the skin, allowing healing and rejuvenation to occur. It also contains soothing anti-inflammatory properties and natural UV protection.

Canyon Oil can also be beneficial to those with oily skin types as it helps to balance sebum production. The argan, rosehip seed, sea buckthorn and calendula also act as catalysts in stimulating collagen synthesis, yielding a reduction in the appearance of scarring, wrinkles and fine lines over time.

Every bottle beholds healing crystals of amethyst and rose quartz. To infuse your Oil with pure energy and clarity.

Contains 95% Certified Organic Ingredients

1 oz

Canyon Oil Ingredients:

**Sunflower Oil

**Hempseed Oil

**Jojoba Oil

**Rosehip Seed Oil

**Argan Oil

**Kukui Nut Oil

**Evening Primrose Oil

**Calendula Oil 

**Avocado Oil

**Tamanu Oil

**Sea Buckthorn Oil



Blue Chamomile

Rose Absolute


Non GMO Tocopherol


**Organic and Cold Pressed

Directions for Oil:

Can be used in the morning and evening paired with Canyon Mist in the two-step Canyon Oil Facial System. Begin with Canyon Mist by shaking and applying a few spritzes on cleansed, clean skin and one spritz to clean fingertips. Follow with applying 2-4 pumps of Canyon Oil onto your fingertips, rub them together and gently pat and massage onto the face. If you’d like to apply to the neck and chest as well, then add a few more pumps of Canyon Oil if needed! Always make sure that the surface of the skin you are applying Canyon Oil to is damp and moist.

In order for Canyon Oil to properly absorb, we highly advise using it in tandem with Canyon Mist. If you do not have that, you may also use a high quality botanical hydrosol.

Oils and mists are infused with healing crystal energy from amethyst and rose quartz.

*For sensitive or blemish prone skin, patch test the Mist and Oil first to make sure irritation does not occur. 

Avoid contact with eyes.